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ODG-Logo-Red-CMYK-300x300The Osteopathic Development Group (ODG)


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 The Osteopathic Development Group was formed in 2012 as a forum to bring together all the major osteopathic organisations (see below) in the UK, working in partnership on a number of projects to support the long-term development of osteopathy.  The iO provide the Secretariat for the ODG.

The group now meets regularly to discuss development priorities and the strategic delivery of projects in order to ensure the tangible fulfilment of projects in eight key areas:

  • Mentoring 
  • Leadership
  • Regional Support 
  • Evidence 
  • Advancing Clinical Practice 
  • Career Development
  • Service Standards 
  • International Collaboration 

For full details of the activities associated and why they are important to the profession and working osteopaths, visit the ODG website here, for more information.

If you think you have a role to play in helping the ODG achieve this challenging agenda, please contact any of the organisations directly via the email addresses below or contact Matthew Rogers, the ODG programme Coordinator:

Who’s involved in the ODG

Healthcare in the UK is changing rapidly and the time has come for the profession to take an active role in its own development in order to ensure a sustainable future. The ODG is a pan-professional initiative designed to deliver the needs of the profession and is a collaboration between five key osteopathic organisations:

  • The Institute of Osteopathy (iO – – the professional body within osteopathy, who also hold the secretariat for the group
  • The Council for Osteopathic Educational Institutions (COEI – –  representing the higher education colleges
  • The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC –  – the regulatory body
  • The National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR – –  responsible for conducting and promoting osteopathic research
  • The Osteopathic Alliance (OA – – representing many of the post-registration CPD providers

From their initial discussions, a ‘vision’ for the future and an outline action plan was formulated, which is set out HERE.

  • This venture is specifically designed to benefit individual osteopaths, the public and the profession as a whole.





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