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Join the majority of UK osteopaths and become a member of the Institute of Osteopathy today.


Why should I join?

As a member of the iO, you will have access to a range of services developed to support you through every stage of your career. Your iO membership also provides patients, colleagues and the public with assurances that you provide the highest quality of service and care, exceeding the minimum requirements of professional regulation.

We are here to:

  • advance your clinical skills and help you maintain your CPD hours
  • provide you with the latest news, developments and research
  • connect you with fellow regional, national and international professionals
  • promote your practice through our website
  • give you access to business resources
  • welcome and advise students and newly qualified osteopaths
  • advocate osteopathy – uniting, developing and promoting us all
  • offer practical advice and guidance covering personal, clinical and business issues.

At the iO we are dedicated to uniting, promoting, developing and supporting the osteopathic profession for the improvement of public health and patient care – the iO team is working to build the reputation of the profession.

What types of memberships are available?

Whether GOsC registered, studying to become an osteopath or just value the contribution of osteopaths in supporting public health, we have a membership for you:

  • Member – a practitioner registered with GOsC
  • Student – an undergraduate training for a recognised qualification in osteopathy. (This member is not yet qualified to practise in the UK)
  • Affiliate – a supporter of UK osteopathy (These are individuals not registered with GOsC)


Membership fees

Members (UK) fees - We apply significant discounts to recently qualified graduates for membership
Membership Type Annual Fee Monthly Direct Debit
Graduated Summer 2017 and prior £303.00 £25.25
Graduated Summer 2018 £261.00 £21.75
Graduated Summer 2019 £232.20 £19.35
Graduated Summer 2020 £163.80 £13.65
Graduated Summer 2021 £99.00 £8.25
Members (Overseas) fees
Membership Type Annual Fee Monthly Direct Debit
Overseas £206.40 £17.20
Student membership fees


Membership Type Annual Fee Monthly Direct Debit
Student (at a recognised osteopathic college) £68.40 £5.70
Affiliate membership fees
Membership Type Annual Fee Monthly Direct Debit
Affiliate £206.40 £17.20


*  The above membership fees are in force as of 1 January 2021

* Membership is for a period of one year and is renewed annually


How do I join?

Simply click the link below to complete our easy to follow online form. Upon submission, a member of the team will contact you to progress your application.

Please note that this form is for full member or student member applications only. 



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