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Two new members elected to the iO Council

We are pleased to announce that Fabio Basile and Caroline Tosh have been elected by the membership to the iO Council. 


At the AGM held on 28 October, two new professional members were voted to the iO’s Council, from a very strong field of five candidates. The final result was close but saw Fabio and Caroline take the two places vacated by Susan Farwell and Austin Plunkett, who both came to the end of the terms with the iO this year.


Also at the meeting was the presentation of the annual report on the activities and results of the iO for the 2021/22 financial year.


We would like to extend our thanks to Susan and Austin on behalf of the membership for their hard work and contribution to the iO Council during their terms in office.


Read more about your new council members below.


Fabio Basile


Through his comprehensive experience of working internationally as an osteopath in elite sport, publishing numerous scientific papers and advancing the regulation of osteopathy in Italy, Fabio hopes to prove an asset to the iO Council. He truly believes in osteopathy and its recognition as a great resource for people, which is one of the main reasons why he decided to move to the UK. He wishes to contribute to promote and support the role of osteopathic practice in the UK.

On his appointment, Fabio said: ‘It is a great honour to have been elected to the iO Council and I look forward to bringing some diversity and outside perspective to this proactive team. On the whole, I will use my experience to improve public awareness and professional recognition of osteopathy amongst the public and medical community. Our united profession, more than ever, will increasingly be a great resource for many patients.’

Caroline Tosh


Caroline has been in practice for 45 years and is enthusiastic about the help for health that osteopathy can provide. Her view of osteopathy is that it is a very broad church, and she believes that it is vital that we embrace the many interest groups within it. From her time with the SCCO and through educational studies she has come to understand how much we benefit from opening communication between groups and from engaging with expertise from outside the profession.

Caroline said: ‘I am proud and happy to be joining the IO council and a huge thank you’ to everyone who voted. I have long experience in Osteopathic practice with a strong background in teaching and organisational development. I am looking forward to the induction period, meeting the whole team and growing into the job. This is when the real work begins. My aim is to expand communication at every level; with the public, with potential students, with fellow healthcare professionals at an organisational level so everyone knows what an osteopath is and what we really do.’


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