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The Mind-Body Connection: Movement, Emotion and Calm with Dr Andrew Morrice

This essential CPD training gives you a wealth of important new information from the latest mind/body research that has huge implications for our understanding of mental and physical health… Our mental, emotional and physical lives are inextricably linked; our minds embodied. Freeing ourselves from the ‘mind-only mindset’ is vital in order for us to be able to quickly and effectively resolve many of our difficulties in life. This course provides an opportunity to focus on the science behind the profound effects of ‘physical’ factors – such as movement and exercise, time in nature and real-time connection with others – and the many ways we can activate our innate capacity to find calm through our breath and attention. Exploring the mind-body system in depth gives us a deeper, holistic understanding of mental health – grounded in scientific evidence and the body. It also gives us practical ways to help ourselves and others. Drawing on decades of experience managing the complex combination of mental and physical health problems in General Practice (20 of those years, using the Human Givens model) and the latest research, tutor and GP Andrew Morrice will take us on a deep dive into two of the key interfaces between mind and body: movement and emotion – it’s a fascinating journey

Event Details

Date(s): December, 05

09:00AM - 04:00PM

Cost: £ 192

How to book: Website


Category: In person

Location: Broadway House London

Organiser: Human Givens

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