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Assessment and treatment of pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy and post-partum

Australian graduate Adi Amit David, a world-renowned clinician, will teach the 3-day course on pelvic pain dysfunction during pregnancy and postpartum.
Skills: Manual therapy, exercise, taping
programme: Posterior pelvic pain, Symphysiolisis / SPD, Femoral acetabular impingement (FAI), transient osteoporosis (TOP), and more
Course objectives:
*Recognizing and treating musculoskeletal pain syndromes in pregnant and postnatal women.
*Conducting red flags and medical screenings of pregnant and postnatal patients.
*Diagnosing and treating various pathologies common to this population, combining manual therapies, active treatment approaches, and taping.
*Supporting postnatal women’s return to physical activity and sports.

Event Details

Date(s): May, 19 - 21
09:00AM - 05:00PM

Cost: £ 550

How to book: Website


Category: In person

Location: NW3 5RR

Organiser: Abilitee

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