About the iO

The Institute of Osteopathy is the professional membership organisation for osteopaths.  Originally founded as the British Osteopathic Association, the iO is proud to represent over 70 percent of all osteopaths in the United Kingdom.

We are members of the Osteopathic Development Group, a collaboration between the iO, GOsC, the Osteopathic Alliance, NCOR and the Council of Osteopathic Educational Institutions. By working together with the regulator, research community and educators we aim to unite the profession to promote development, improve understanding and knowledge, support and celebrate excellence, facilitate communication and demonstrate the effectiveness of osteopathy.

The iO also represents UK osteopathy with the Osteopathic International Alliance, the global association of osteopathic institutions, who work with international bodies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO); and on the European scene with the European Federation of Osteopaths (EFO).

Our Mission

The purpose of the Institute is to unite, promote, develop and support the osteopathic profession, for the improvement of public health and patient care.

By working collaboratively with osteopathic institutions at local, national and international levels we strive to raise the standards of care by osteopaths, and improve the understanding and awareness of the public and fellow health professions to the benefits that osteopaths bring to the resource and cash strapped health economy.

We know that osteopaths achieve great results with their patients, and have made efforts to invest in activities where osteopathic benefit can be shown more and more clearly.  We are a key supporter of the National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR), which is showing good results in coordinating the clinical research work around osteopathic effectiveness.  We founded the Osteopathic Fellowship programme at the world class Spinal Surgery unit at the Queen’s Medical Centre at Nottingham NHS Foundation Trust, where spinal surgeons and physiotherapists are finding that working alongside osteopaths gives them a whole new range of drug and surgery free solutions to patients with chronic spinal pain.

We work for our members to help them raise their profiles with their local communities, and provide support and guidance on a broad range of issues, including how to apply to be an NHS funded osteopath.  Ultimately we work for all osteopaths, as all osteopaths work for their patients to ease pain, improve their range of activities, and regain quality of life (and work life).

Our Vision

Our current five year plan aims to achieve a Royal Charter for the osteopathic profession, which will be further confirmation that we are a profession dedicated to the public interest.

Annual Report

Please click here to view the iO Annual Report

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