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The Osteopathic Foundation’s research and education grant scheme now closed



This scheme was established to advance osteopathic practice for the benefit of the public, through the funding of osteopathic education. While most grants provided will be up to the value of £20,000, the charity reserves a degree of flexibility on these award values.

Within this programme, the charity welcomes project funding applications that will be completed within a maximum of three years but will also consider projects that will be completed over a shorter term.

All submissions are considered on merit and with reference to the criteria specified in the application guidance document and on the application form. Applicants should understand that the resources available to the charity are finite and the oF has to be highly selective. It is likely that we will be unable to assist all organisations that apply. An annual review will determine the total fund available over the following 12 months.


Look out for details of the next round of grants in Osteopathy Today and ConnectiOn 


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