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The Osteopathic Foundation (The OF) is a charitable trust set up to advance osteopathic practice by funding education, research and by promoting productive relationships both within and outside of the profession, for the benefit of the public.

The Foundation achieves this through the provision of interest-free student loans to assist with the cost of osteopathic training and research grants, and have provided almost £700,000 of support since 2001.

The OF also funds the work of the National Council for Osteopathic Research –

Registered Charity Number: 313785




Latest news from the Osteopathic Foundation

The first of the Osteopathic Foundation funded projects is now complete. The First Contact Practitioner (FCP) pilot, founded and run by osteopath Tim Allardyce in collaboration with Surrey & Hants MSK Collaborative (SHMC), demonstrates the ability of osteopaths to provide First Contact Practitioner services in primary care in setting. To read the interim report, visit our Research and Report hub. The full report will be available soon


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The Osteopathic Foundation’s research and education grant scheme is now closed. Look out for details of the next round of grants in Osteopathy Today and ConnectiOn
Since 1947, The Osteopathic Foundation has been assisting osteopathic students to complete their training in the event that they fall on hard times. The scheme provides undergraduate students with interest-free loans and is also open to post-graduate students on MSc and PhD courses.
As a charity, the Osteopathic Foundation is entirely dependent on the good will and generous contributions of the osteopathic community and the public. You can support our work by taking part in a fundraising activity and seeking sponsorship or by making a single or regular donation.


The governance of the Osteopathic Foundation is the responsibility of the Institute of Osteopathy (iO), which is the corporate trustee for the charity.  The Council of the Institute has established the Osteopathic Foundation Board with delegated authority to manage the affairs of the Foundation, including the consideration and distribution of grants and loans.
Established in 1947 as the Osteopathic Education Foundation (OEF), the trust is founded on the belief that the future of the osteopathic profession is dependent on its academic advancement and its ability to demonstrate therapeutic credibility.


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