Audit and Risk Committee Member



Audit and Risk Committee Member

Interested in supporting the iO?  Do you want to be part of our rapidly evolving strategy to make osteopathy grow, thrive, universally recognised and accessible to all? Join us as a (Professional) member of iO Audit and Risk Committee

We are looking for an osteopath who is a full member of the Institute of Osteopathy. Be part of the iO’s financial and risk management process, as a member of the Audit & Risk Committee.  The Committee has the responsibility to oversee the management of the iO’s financial affairs, and ensure that the risks in the organisation are identified and addressed practically and effectively, reporting into the iO Council, and working with the Chief Executive and executive team.

If you have good experience of financial or risk management, please apply.  We’d like to see your CV, which should in particular highlight your skills and experience relevant to the Committee’s work, and a supporting statement which sets out your reasons for wanting to join the Committee, and the key strengths that you would bring to the iO.

Read more about the role here

Please send your applications to by 1 July 2019 - or if you’d like to know more about the role, drop Maurice a line at

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