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We offer a number of opportunities to advertise to the osteopathic profession

OT-Mar-Apr-Cover-Small-210x300The Institute of Osteopathy

The Institute of Osteopathy (iO) is the leading professional body for osteopaths, and represents some 3,500 registered professional and student practitioners – around two thirds of all osteopaths in the United Kingdom.

Our mission is to unite, develop, promote and support the osteopathic profession for the improvement of UK health and patient care. In addition to providing a wide range of services for members, we also maintain strong links with the other major osteopathic institutions including the regulator, undergraduate and post graduate training institutions and the National Council for Osteopathic Research, as well as our international partners. We have established and well respected communication channels that allow us to reach and influence the whole profession.

Osteopathy Today

The iO provides advertising opportunities through Osteopathy Today, our membership magazine.

Osteopathy Today (OT) is delivered to our members every two months. They ranked it in the recent iO Osteopathic Professional Census as one of the most valued professional services that they receive. More than 80% of them say they read it on a regular basis and rated the content as good or excellent.

We publish 6 high quality issues per year combining clinical news alongside the themes of practice growth and professional development. Members trust these features and OT’s coverage of news, events, CPD and debate and use OT to inform their professional life decisions.


(Sizes: mm height x mm width. Trim size: 297mmx210mm)

A series discount of 10% is offered to advertisers booking 6 or more display adverts together, at the same time. Publishing and copy dates are shown below.

COLOUR display ads

Inside Front cover / Inside back cover/ back cover – £360

(Trim size: 297mmx210mm – Bleed: 303mmx216mm)

Full bleed page elsewhere in magazine – £330 (297mmx210mm + 3mm)

Page type area – £295 (258mmx190mm)

Half page – £240 (120mmx190mm or 258x90mm)

Quarter page – £175 (120mmx90mm or 55mmx190mm)

Boxed Eighth page – £105 (55mmx90mm or 90mmx55mm)

MONO display ads

Full bleed page – £285 (297mmx210mm + 3mm)

Page type area – £265 (258mmx190mm)

Half page – £195 (120mmx190mm or 258x90mm)

Quarter page – £145 (120mmx90mm or 55mmx190mm)

Eighth page – £85 (55mmx90mm or 90mmx55mm)


£35 (up to 40 words) + 20p per additional word to a maximum of 60 additional words.

Loose Inserts:

Lightweight up to 10g, from £350 (qty 3500 to be supplied)

[Other weights over 10g, charged at £15 per additional gram].

Artwork: advert production can be provided, £50 per hour.

2018/19 DATES – Dispatch/publishing and copy deadline schedule

December 2018: Dispatched 3rd December (Advert supplied by: 28th October ’18)

February/March: Dispatched 11th February 2019 (Advert supplied by: 3 Jan ’19)

April/May: Dispatched 10th April (Advert supplied by: 1 Mar ’19)

June/July: Dispatched 10th June (Advert supplied by: 1 May ’19)

August/September: Dispatched 9th August (Advert supplied by: 1 Jul ’19)

October/November: Dispatched 10th October (Advert supplied by: 1 Sep ’19)

December 19: Dispatched 10th December (Advert supplied by: 1 November ’19)

Online Advertising:

ONLINE Classified ads:

£35 (up to 40 words, for 8 weeks) + 20p per additional word to a maximum of 60 additional words. If taking paid-for print advertising in OT, the same advert can run online for half price, £17.50, plus charges for any additional words.

ONLINE Osteopathic Opportunities:

You can advertise a role for £40 (up to 40 words, for 8 weeks; please call the iO on 01582 488 455 to book a position.

ONLINE Supplier Directory

Your company can be listed in our online Supplier Directory for £170 for 12 months.

Please note: all prices exclude VAT at 20%.


To discuss advertising with us or to find out more, please contact:

David Boyd, iO Advertising Manager

Tel. 01954 267444




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