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Osteopath Joanna Cram awarded MBE in New Year Honours

Joanna Cram, a renowned figure in the Scottish osteopathic community, has been honoured with a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the New Year Honours List. This prestigious accolade is in recognition of her significant contributions to musculoskeletal healthcare and her influential role in the advancement of osteopathy in Scotland.


Joanna’s MBE is a recognition of her unwavering dedication to osteopathy and her impactful contribution to healthcare in Scotland. It highlights the essential role of osteopathy in contemporary healthcare and celebrates the ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in the field.


Joanna is a leading partner at Cram Osteopaths which boasts a rich family history of community healthcare. Under Joanna’s stewardship, and in partnership with her husband Michael Brown, Joanna has transformed Cram Osteopaths into a beacon of excellence in osteopathic community care, merging traditional methods with contemporary practices. Their innovative and dedicated approach has been vital in recognising osteopathy as essential in mainstream healthcare in Scotland, benefitting a wide array of patients.

Joanna Cram
“We are delighted to see Joanna’s commitment to community MSK healthcare in Scotland and the role of osteopathy in that recognised. Congratulations to Jo and everyone at Cram Osteopaths for receiving this prestigious and well-deserved accolade.” Maurice Cheng, iO CEO”

Moreover, Joanna’s leadership extended to her role as the former Chair of the Scottish Osteopathic Society (September 2018-September 2023). During her tenure, and notably throughout the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Joanna was instrumental in sustaining the society. Her efforts in promoting the benefits of social and professional connections within the osteopathic community during these trying times were crucial in maintaining morale and cohesion among practitioners.


Upon receiving the MBE, Joanna expressed her deep appreciation, stating, “I am profoundly honoured to be recognised with this award. It symbolises not only my journey but the collective dedication and resilience of the osteopathic community, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic.”


Find out more about Cram Osteopaths here.


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