UCO launch new research study


Osteopaths are invited to take part in the project OSCAR, (Osteopathic Single Case Research), a new project funded by the Osteopathic Foundation and conducted by the University College of Osteopathy (UCO) research team.

UCO’s research team have shared the below information with us for anyone who is interested in participating in the practice-based study. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Dr Jerry Draper-Rodi. 


Osteopaths who choose to participate in this study will be offered free training sessions on how to collect data from their patients, in line with GOsC CPD scheme objective activity; they will then recruit three patients each for a 4–6-week pre-course treatment phase; they will then participate in a free online e-learning training course (approx. 9 hours, self-paced over 6 weeks); finally, the osteopaths will recruit another three patients for the second post-course treatment phase. Research data will be collected in each stage.

To be eligible to take part in this practice-based study, osteopaths need to:

  • have graduated at least 15 years ago
  • not have worked at an Osteopathic Educational Institution (OEI) within the last 10 years
  • not have taken part in the e-learning study conducted by Jerry Draper-Rodi in 2015 (if you are unsure, please contact Jerry to check it) 
  • be interested in learning new research skills that align with GOsC CPD (e.g. conducting an objective activity which will provide you with CPD hours and a certificate)
  • be interested in updating your management skills

The sessions will provide participants 15 hours of CPD and they will get a certificate after completion of each session indicating that they have taken part and they may wish to use this as part of their CPD return to the GOsC. Their participation will also contribute to generating research related to the practice and effectiveness of osteopathy. The outcomes of this research may contribute to education for osteopaths and others in the future”.