The iO Launch new Patient Charter

The iO Launch new Patient Charter:ODG logo

At the iO we are passionate about raising the profile of the profession and the promotion of osteopathy. In order to do this, a different perspective is needed. We need to reach out to all who may have a vested interest in osteopathy, including service commissioners, insurance companies, other healthcare practitioners and especially patients. Key to this is ensuring that we understand and speak the same language as these groups and reassure them of our commitment to achieving the highest quality of patient care in our communications. In response to this, and after considerable consultation with patients and the profession over the last eight months, the iO is launching a new Patient Charter which will allow members to better illustrate their commitment to patients.

What is a Patient Charter?

A Patient Charter is a series of best practice statements that will help inform patient expectations of their interaction with their osteopath based on national quality standards such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) core themes.

How would the Charter help?

This is now standard practice in healthcare, and many of our kindred healthcare professions already offer a Patient Charter as an expression of intention designed to reassure potential patients and other interested parties. Over the next few years, there will be an increasing demand for osteopaths to address the issue of benchmarking quality of patient care. If the iO is to lead on this, we need to demonstrate adequate recognition of the importance of this area.

What would the Charter add?

We recognise that the vast majority of osteopaths will already be applying all of the behaviours and values suggested by the Charter and that minimal change in practice would be required in the majority of circumstances. It is intended that the Charter would offer osteopaths:

  • A mechanism to demonstrate a commitment to providing quality patient care to a nationally recognised standard
  • Evidence of iO and ODG endorsement
  • A ‘gold standard’ framework to benchmark their practice against
  • An opportunity for business development as a point of differentiation

The iO will display the Charter on our website to illustrate the high standard of care that our members provide, and would encourage all iO members to do the same to emphasise their commitment to quality patients care.

Should you have any enquiries about the process, please contact the professional development team at:

Find out more at Our Patient Charter