Successful Marathon Day for the iO team


On Sunday 3 October, the iO team successfully completed their virtual Marathons and their heroic efforts helped to raise funds for the Osteopathic Foundation. We share with you each runner’s story, and while their marathons are now be over, you can still donate via their Just Giving page.


Even though she sustained an injury over the summer, Belinda completed the 26-mile trek, walking in the picturesque South Downs, Seven Sisters and Beachy Head. ‘Despite forecasts of hurricane winds and wall-to-wall rain, the weather was very favourable,’ she recalled. ‘About a mile from the end, there was a glorious rainbow showing a pot of gold somewhere in the sea which I decided not to seek!  I was so encouraged by this and the very generous support and sponsorship that we received, and I am happy to say I enjoyed the walk far more than anticipated and still had energy when I got home to open a bottle of prosecco.’

Belinda’s walk took her a total of nine hours and 10 minutes and included 3000 feet of ascent, 65k steps, and over 2000 calories burnt!

Halo’s marathon was very different. Overcoming old rheumatoid arthritis injuries, she set off just after midnight, breaking her run up into three sections: two 11-milers and a final mop up five miles. ‘The last section, despite being the shortest, was the hardest,’ said Halo. ‘Knowing supporters were tracking us all on the virtual map kept my legs moving.’

She did encounter some hairy moments too. ‘I needed to call an ambulance for someone who collapsed in the middle of a road in the early hours and attempting to take a halfway point selfie (as suggested by the app) briefly reset my miles to zero! Despite this, and stopping to pet many friendly cats, I finished in the afternoon with a total running time of 04:47. My huge thanks to all our supporters, the finance raised will make such a difference!’

Matthew completed the event in Richmond Park in an impressive four hours, 59 minutes including breaks. ‘Thank you so much to everyone who gave so generously and sponsored our little Virtual London Marathon team on Sunday 3rd October,’ he said. ‘I can’t express how much I appreciate your kind words of support, how this inspired me to keep going in the last few gruelling miles and what your sponsorship will mean to the charity.’

There is still time to donate, so please visit the Just Giving page and help us to achieve our target. Thank you!