Returning to practice


In light of recent enquiries we have received from our members, please find below some initial guidance on what is required for those wishing to return to practising after a period of non-practising.

In all instances, we would advise that you contact the GOsC for full advice and guidance on updating your registration status.


If you have been registered as non-practising for less than two years, you will be advised to provide the following:
  • Date you are planning to return to practice
  • A copy of insurance from that date
  • Updated practice details

Once the above details have been received and thoroughly checked, the GOsC will update your registration status on the Register on the date specified. Once updated, you will receive an email confirmation that your registration status has been updated to that of ‘practising’.


If you have been non-practising for two years or more:

You will need to go through the return to practice process to see if you need any guidance in returning to practice. Please note that this process can take up to eight weeks to complete. In this scenario, you will need to have completed the GOsC process before we are able to reinstate your insurance cover.


For more information visit General Osteopathic Council