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Common back pain myths

Osteopath Anna Roberts, takes a closer look at some of the common myths around back pain, find out more below:

Text Neck: How looking down can strain your neck

iO Immediate Past President Robin Lansman speaks to The Sun about mobile phone usage and how spending hours a day looking down at a screen can have a detrimental effect on your health.

Discover how your bra may be causing you back pain

iO President Robin Lansman speaks to Yahoo Style UK about how your bra may be causing back pain, even if the signs aren’t obvious.      

Find out how massage can help with some of the most common stomach problems

Osteopath Andrea Rippe explains how massage can help with some of the most common stomach problems in this information piece, read more below:    

Carrying your child incorrectly is responsible for 80,000 injuries a year

New research has found that more than 80,000 people in Britain a year injure their backs, knees and other joints by incorrectly carrying children. iO member Amberin Fur shares her advice with the Daily Mail here:    

iO’s Matthew Rogers provides advice on how to manage osteoarthritis

The Institute of Osteopathy’s, Head of Professional Development, Matthew Rogers, talks with The Telegraph about what you can do to help treat osteoarthritis in this interesting article:    

Institute of Osteopathy officially accepts stewardship of the Osteopathic Foundation

Following a formal signing at the Royal Society of Medicine on 31st January 2017, the Institute of Osteopathy is delighted to announce that they have now officially accepted stewardship of the Osteopathic Education Foundation.  The charitable trust, renamed by the institute as the Osteopathic Foundation, will continue to use its resources to fund research, support education and further the advancement of osteopathy for the benefit of public health. The former Osteopathic Education Foundation was founded in 1947 to financially assist in osteopathic education and research. Since the introduction of its loan scheme in 2001, the foundation has provided financial assistance… Read more ›

How to avoid back pain while driving

The Daily Telegraph have written an interesting article on how to avoid back pain while driving. It contains useful information on finding a good seating position and includes a quotation from our President, Robin Lansman. Please click here to read the article.


We have been contacted by several members about a letter received from AXA PPP advising on changes to their contract.