Osteopathic Foundation receives generous donation from Vaughan McDermott Fund


The oF is delighted to announce that it has received a £300,000 donation from the Vaughan McDermott Fund.

The donation, which was gifted to the Foundation on the winding up of the Birmingham and District Osteopathic Clinic, will be used to fund projects in the areas of:

  • academic research; and
  • development and improvement of professional and/or management skills and competencies for osteopaths; and
  • the provision of training in professional practice management, leadership and administration

Interim Chair of the oF, Duncan Empey said:

‘The Osteopathic Foundation greatly appreciates the generous donation from the Birmingham and District Osteopathic Clinic Trustees and will acknowledge the funding for all projects enabled by the Vaughan McDermott Fund.

‘These conditions will apply to quite a large number of projects which we may choose to fund in the future, and the donation is a very welcome event.

‘We are very pleased to receive such a generous donation from the Fund, and will ensure it’s used to support research in osteopathy, career development for osteopaths, and enhancing leadership skills in the profession.’

About the oF

The Osteopathic Foundation is a charitable trust dedicated to advancing osteopathic practice for the benefit of the public. It does this by funding education and research, and by promoting productive relationships both within and outside of the profession.

The Foundation receives no government funding and relies on donations from members of the public and the profession. For more information, including how to donate visit: www.theosteopathicfoundation.org