Osteopathic Foundation announces award recipients

The Osteopathic Foundation has chosen its three grant recipients 

The Osteopathic Foundation (oF) is pleased to announce details of the three successful recipients of research grants that will support the development of osteopathic practice.

These grants have been awarded to:

  • £19,863 has been awarded to the University College of Osteopathy (David Hohenschurz Schmidt) for the Osteopathy for Diabetic Neuropathy project/The Neu-Ost trial
  • £20,000 has been awarded to Swansea University (Darren Edwards) for The role of osteopathy in the context of Public Health project: Can osteopathy support mental health outcomes in pain-free individuals?
  • £6,600 has been awarded to Imperial College London (Tristan Delion) for the Functional Brain Connectivity in Active Elite Rugby Players project

Manjeet Kaur, oF Project Manager said of the successful applications: ‘The board were pleased by the standard of high-quality applications received in the last round.  The successful applicants put forward innovative and collaborative education and research projects which the board hopes will advance osteopathy in its role to support public health.’

More on the successful grant recipients will be published in the summer edition of Osteopathy Today in June.

The oF is a charitable trust set up to advance osteopathic practice by funding education, research and by promoting productive relationships both within and outside of the profession, for the benefit of the public.