‘One in four people suffering from chronic pain’ BBC survey suggests

A BBC report on the results of an Ipsos survey of over 4000 adults between the age of 16 – 75 suggests that a quarter of people in the UK are living with chronic pain, a complex and often misunderstood condition.

Chronic pain, defined as persistent pain that lasts longer than three months, can be caused by a physical problem – such as a slipped disc, but can also occur with no clear cause – known as primary pain. The BBC report suggests that pain specialists are reporting that millions of patients are without appropriate support to help manage their pain.

Patients tend to need the support of a range of specialist healthcare professionals, as medication can be helpful but may only be part of the treatment. As part of a package of care, osteopaths can provide advice and if appropriate, hands-on treatment that may help manage pain.

As highly trained healthcare practitioners, osteopaths can assess and examine patients to establish the potential causes of pain and recommend if you should be referred or if the pain requires further investigation. Osteopaths may be able to advise on graded exercises and provide manual therapy which research suggests may stimulate the body to produce strong natural painkillers (endorphins) that can be of benefit. To find your local osteopath, click here.

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