New report shows Quality in Osteopathic Practice


The iO has just published ‘Quality in Osteopathic Practice’, a report on patient experience, evidence, impact, training and regulation of osteopathic practice in the UK. The report collates the latest information and evidence relevant to osteopathic practice, supported by case studies on the impact of osteopaths across a number of different settings. Published with colleagues in the Health and Social care sector in mind, it provides a concise and evidence informed view of the profession and how osteopaths can potentially support wider health and social care services across the UK.


This report is the latest publication in a suite of reports published by the iO that includes a review by an independent panel of health experts on the role of osteopaths in the NHS and a series of impact reports. Matthew Rogers, Head of Professional Development at the Institute said of this latest report:

“We published the first Quality in Osteopathic Practice report in 2018. We have used this extensively in our engagement activities, with great success, to educate and inform our healthcare colleagues, some of whom had little understanding of our profession. Since that first report, we have been able to gather an increasing level of evidence on the impact of osteopaths and how we can support health services. The new Quality in Osteopathic Practice report is intentionally structure in a manner that is familiar to the health and social care audience. It addresses their immediate questions about any health profession; is it safe, what is the patient experience, does it work and how much does it cost.”

The report includes a wealth of information and evidence that any osteopath can use to support their practice, whether that is in their own engagement activities with local GPs and health services, or even to add to their websites or other practice information material.

Matthew went on to say: “We would encourage all osteopaths to use this report, and the information you can find within it… everything that you can do at a local level to educate and raise awareness of osteopathy supports the promotion of the profession.”


The Quality in Osteopathic Practice report is available as a downloadable pdf from our research and reports hub.