Moving from Non-Practising to Practising

An increasing number of our members who are currently registered as ‘Non-Practising’ but eager to return to work, are contacting us as they are not receiving confirmation from the GOsC on their request to change their practising status back to ‘Fully Registered’. We have been in touch with the GOsC who have advised us that these requests will take approximately 10 working days to process and confirm that your status has been changed.

The GOsC has suggested that if you have not received confirmation from them by the time you are ready to return to work but you have reinstated your indemnity insurance cover, please send them an email to let them know you have insurance in place (you can attach proof) and that you will be returning to work on the understanding that they will update your status at their earliest opportunity. Please be aware that this process is only allowable during this COVID-19 period due to the unprecedented circumstance.

We would like to remind members of the importance of maintaining your indemnity insurance, as practising without insurance will breach D1.3 of the Osteopathic Practice Standards which may lead to Fitness to Practise proceedings.

The iO Membership Team