It’s Bone and Joint Week!

The Institute of Osteopathy along with osteopaths across the country, are supporting Bone and Joint week, helping raise awareness about the importance of musculoskeletal (MSK) health


We want to prioritise the improvement and the prevention of bone and joint problems, in a bid to ensure a better awareness of treatment options, resources, and research for those affected by these conditions.

Good MSK health is an important part of maintaining a person’s functional abilities throughout their life. It is also fundamental to healthy ageing. Owing to the pandemic, many people have reduced their activity levels, leading to increased issues with musculoskeletal health is more important than ever to help to get our wellbeing back on track.

MSK conditions can affect people throughout their lives and prevention, early detection and treatment can enable people to live healthy lives and remain independent. This in turn reduces pressure on health and social services.

There are several awareness days across the week which will focus on both general MSK health as well as specific conditions. This year, we will not only be supporting ARMA activity but will be running our own Osteopathy for Health social media campaign to promote awareness and advice to the public and those with MSK issues.

Bone and Joint week includes:

Tuesday 12 October – World Arthritis Day

Thursday 14 October – Physical Activity

Saturday 16 October – World Spine Day

Tuesday 19 October – World Paediatric Bone and Joint Day

Wednesday 20 October – World Osteoporosis Day

Are you an osteopath? Get involved

You can use social media to raise the awareness of Bone Joint Week by sharing both the Osteopathy for Health social media posts and other Bone and Join Week messages that will be running across all the social platforms. If you are an iO Member you can also access the assets on our Marketing and promotion hub. Don’t forget to include #osteopath #osteopathy #osteo #boneandjoint #msk #osteopathyforhealth #bonejointweek in your posts.