iO launches ‘Hardship Fund’

It has now been nearly one month since the UK went into lockdown and with the Government’s announcement on Thursday, 16 April, we know that this will continue for some weeks longer.

For the great majority of us, savings, government reliefs, welfare payments, and payment holidays from mortgage companies, landlords etc. will enable us to ride out the lockdown. However, there are some of us, if a minority, that are experiencing true hardship during the interim until welfare payments are forthcoming.

In response, we have arranged to allocate a sum of money to which those in the direst of circumstances can apply for a one-off payment of up to £250 to tide them over, while they await their reliefs and benefits to be received.

We accept that this is not a huge sum of money and, sadly, we do not have the financial means to provide more substantial support or maintain an on-going fund.

We do, however, hope that this these hardship grants will help those that have been hit the hardest during this time and give a small but welcome amount that they can use for essentials until they can access more established support.

Due to the limited nature of the fund, we are asking that you consider carefully your personal circumstances and the means you have at your disposal, to ensure that these funds are made available as intended, for those amongst us who are most in need. To apply for a grant please complete the attached application form and email it to

Now more than ever we need to work together to keep our osteopathic community together so we can emerge stronger when this situation is over.

Maurice Cheng
CEO, Institute of Osteopathy

Please note the hardship fund is only available to current iO members.


The iO Hardship Fund is now open to donations. If you wish to donate to the iO Hardship Fund