Insurance for online training of additional and adjunctive therapies


Recent challenges have seen an increase in the provision of online training for many additional and adjunct therapies often incorporated into osteopathic practice. The iO’s insurance partners are experienced, accommodating, and flexible when it comes to enabling insured members to diversify, improve and adapt their therapeutic approach and are willing to accept online training in many instances.

However, the removal of in-person training when it relates to therapies using, for example, acupuncture needles, raises questions of the ability for this training method to check the competency of the practitioner to the levels required.

Insurers are not themselves experts in deciding what is appropriate training for specific modalities and they rely on their experiences, claims history and research through organisations that are experts in those therapies. They also take comfort from the fact that the Osteopathic Practice Standards apply not only to your practice of osteopathy but also to all adjunctive therapies you use within your practice as an osteopath.

They will look to ensure that risk factors applying to the new skills are comparable to the premiums charged and complement the delivery of your skills as an osteopath. Therefore, you can see that they may question the value and adequacy of some of the courses; in the same way as an osteopath would question a course provider providing a one-day course to deliver HVLA and Mobilisation techniques for other therapists.

As such, before embarking on the expense and the time to attend courses, we recommend that you check with the iO team if your chosen course is likely to be acceptable to insurers once you are qualified.

Where you have attained acceptable training for a skill that complements osteopathy, the iO, James Hallam, and RSA will do their best to accommodate the new modality within the existing insurance you have and allow you to expand your portfolio of treatments offered.

We will continue to expect and support all insured members to undertake additional training that clearly delivers an appropriate, adequate, and accredited platform to enable the introduction of new skills into your patient management and treatment plans.

iO is an appointed representative of James Hallam Ltd for insurance mediation activities. James Hallam Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under FRN 134435.