Have you got ‘Lockdown back’ or ‘Tech-neck’? Let’s get you moving…


As life moves forward, it’s time to tackle those habits that have led to ‘Lockdown back’ and ‘tech neck and get people moving again. As part of International Osteopathic Healthcare Week (2 – 9 May), we want to promote good habits and provide easy to follow advice for people to help them get moving again.

Matthew Rogers, registered osteopath and Head of Professional Development at the iO, explains more about the phenomenon that has emerged since COVID began.

“In 2020, many people suddenly stopped their normal work or exercise routines and instead, found themselves sitting for longer in front of screens, whether TVs or laptops. Many had no option but to work or study from the couch, dining table, or even our beds, snatching hours to get things done in between childcare or working late as we shared computers. With gyms, sports and classes closed, access to physical activity has been restricted. Stress, anxiety and fatigue didn’t help.

“Whenever you have a change in lifestyle like this it can influence your health. Inevitably, after a few months, backs, necks, shoulders may start to ‘complain’. Osteopaths are reporting seeing increasing numbers of people coming to see with us with either new issues or flare-ups of old symptoms as result of these lifestyle changes.

“During International Osteopathic Healthcare Week, we want to bring attention to some of the causes of these issues and more importantly, provide some easy-to-follow tips and advice to help people breaks some of these poor habits and get them moving again!”

Osteopaths, as registered healthcare professionals, can provide advice, care and treatment to help people get back to health as needed. Taking a whole-person approach to health, they can help people think about the changes in their lifestyles that may have affected their health and what might be done to provide more comfort and ease.

For advice and tips to get moving, click HERE.