Enticing a new generation of osteopaths

Choose Osteopathy is a new digital media campaign that will be targeting young people and career changers to consider a career in osteopathy. The campaign is the work of the Osteopathic Communications Network and the first collaborative initiative of its kind.

The campaign will go live in October and last for six weeks to coincide with the period prospective students will be considering their UCAS applications for next year’s university places. The campaign will showcase real osteopaths and their personal stories, expressions of their passion for osteopathy and the rewards of being an osteopath. There will be a dedicated webpage, social media assets and videos.

Katie Griffiths, iO Head of Marketing and Communications explains further: “The Osteopathic Communications Network (OCN) has been working together for about 18 months. It’s been great to collaborate with the dedicated marketing professionals across our profession to pool our skills and resources for the common goal of promoting osteopathy.

“While public promotion is hugely important, it is also vitally important that we recruit new talent into osteopathy so that we can have the growing and thriving profession that we all want to see.

“The ‘Choose Osteopathy!’ digital advertising campaign will be the very first time that all the osteopathic colleges have come together behind such a focused campaign. We are targeting 16 – 23 year-olds and those seeking a change of career into health using digital and social platforms to drive awareness.

“We have a number of young and passionate osteopaths providing videos and testimonials to really engage young people into choosing osteopathy as a career – so all round this has been a great example of how people have collaborated across our profession.”

Get behind the campaign!
Get involved by sharing what you love about your osteopathic career. Make a quick video or an infographic highlighting your osteopathic career. If you can, share our recruitment web page – available here – to your networks and help us entice the next generation! Please don’t forget to tag us and we will share.


*The OCN includes representatives from all the undergraduate colleges, post registration providers and the iO. Members are those responsible for the marketing and/or communications activities within their organisation.