COVID-19 Update

Further to the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, the iO would like to assure members that we are closely monitoring information from Public Health England and other informed sources to see if the UK situation escalates and potential impact.

While this situation is fluid, and the advice may change, currently we would recommend members to:

  1. Follow Government advice in terms of both yourselves and patients:
    1. Establish if individuals have travelled to and/or from those countries of concern e.g Italy/China etc. – this information can be found on the Foreign Office website which will have the most up to date information on travel.
    2. If you have had any contact with individuals, ‘self-isolate’ as per Government advice.
  2. In terms of your clinic (OPS C4, C5, C6):
    1. You may wish to provide a notice and/or establish from patients information from point a) above before appointments.
    2. If a patient arrives with symptoms of flu (even if they have not travelled) you may wish to decline treatment as a precaution.
    3. You should continue to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in your clinic both in public areas and in-clinic rooms, in line with the health and safety legislation.

This may include although not exclusively:

  1. Sanitisers/gel for all staff and patients’ use in public areas and clinic rooms.
  2. Sanitising wipes for all surface areas (e.g plinths) and/or equipment post each individual patient.
  3. Sanitise all public areas at the end of a day’s session, e.g desks/chairs etc with relevant sanitiser.

Public Health England has also provided specific guidance for health professionals on the issue.

We will keep members informed of any material changes to the above advice as it is made available.