Choose Osteopathy as a career

Ahead of National Careers Week, the iO and several education institutions have joined forces to invest in a campaign to encourage people to Choose Osteopathy as a career. Fronting the campaign are osteopaths sharing their experiences.

Across the coming weeks, there will be a series of adverts on both Facebook and Instagram targeting those with an interest in studying healthcare. The campaign is also seeking support from iO Members with a call to share the Choose Osteopathy message and social media posts across their networks.

Katie Griffiths, the iO’s Head of Marketing and Communications says of the campaign:

‘We all know how rewarding it is to work as an osteopath and we are currently in huge demand. We hope that members will get creative and post their own stories about why they became an osteopath, and tag us so we can see it and reshare.’

The campaign is a collaboration formed by the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, the European School Osteopathy, NESCOT college, the London School of Osteopathy and the University College of Osteopathy. Along with the digital advertising, some of the campaign’s ambassadors will be hosting live conversations on the iO’s Instagram channel, talking about what it’s like to be an osteopath.

Katie went on to say:

‘It’s great to be working with the colleges to encourage a new generation to join the profession. I would urge every osteopath who is on social media to share even just one post – you might just inspire that next person to Choose Osteopathy.”

Follow us to see the digital campaign: @instituteofosteopathy @instosteopathy #chooseosteopathy

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For Members

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If you want to hold a career talk at a local school we also have an exclusive presentation and advice available from here