Calling NHS osteopaths, help promote NHS osteopathy!

Help us to increase the visibility of osteopaths working in the NHS

In part, due to the iO’s lobbying activities, a set of osteopathy-specific occupational codes for use with the NHS Electronic Staff Records (ESR) has recently been launched. If you are employed as an osteopath by the NHS, we desperately need your help to ensure that you are coded correctly.

The number of opportunities for osteopaths to work in the NHS is increasing daily. Despite this, visibility is still poor. All clinicians working in the NHS are recorded on the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR). However, until now, there have been no osteopathic-specific occupational codes. This makes it incredibly difficult for us to identify osteopaths working in the NHS to evidence the positive impact that you are having and in turn to protect your future career progression prospects.

If you are working in the NHS, we would like to ask that you speak to your managers and Head of Service for your department and ask them to check that you are coded correctly using the new codes?

To save you time, please feel free to use the text included in the template email below.

NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) letter