BREXIT: UK trained osteopaths and EU working


Following the UK’s departure from the EU in January, the iO commissioned a report to ascertain the short to mid-term impact on UK Osteopathy.  The immediate impact is the cessation of the mutual recognition of professional qualifications between the UK and Europe.

It is therefore important that any UK trained or registered osteopaths intending to work in the EU check the osteopathic registration and qualifications requirements of their destination country before they start work.

To work within the EU you will also need to confirm the work visa requirements for that individual country.

All EU osteopaths who wish to work in the UK will need to pass through the GOsC international registration route.

The full impact of BREXIT remains uncertain on many levels and legislative wrangling continues.

While it seems that the UK Government has made a commitment to review UK legislation regarding professional recognition, there is no indication as yet that the EU intends to do similar.

The iO is continuing to monitor both the ongoing legislative process and its impact on UK Osteopathy and osteopaths.

We also continue to work closely on this issue with the European Forum and Federation of Osteopathy (EFFO) whose Regulation Working Group has been tasked to understand the implications for osteopathy across the EU and UK.


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