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Osteopaths may help to support medical licensing applications

Measures have been brought forward to change the law to allow more healthcare professionals such as specialist nurses, opticians and osteopaths to complete DVLA medical questionnaires. This action will help speed up the return of medical information needed to make a licensing decision following the pandemic and industrial action. All drivers, by law, must meet the medical standards for fitness to drive. Each year, the DVLA makes over 500,000 medical licensing decisions and to help make these decisions, the DVLA often requires questionnaires to be completed by a driver’s doctor or consultant. Presently, the Road Traffic Act 1988 only enables registered… Read more ›

UCO research recognised by the Research Excellence Framework

The results of the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF) have recently been published and for the first time, include the University College of Osteopathy (UCO). The UCO was the only specialist osteopathic institution to enter a submission, representing a huge step forward for the UCO and research development for the osteopathic profession in the UK. REF is a UK-wide assessment of university research carried out by the four UK higher education funding bodies which consider the research output, impact and environment of participating universities across a wide range of subject areas. The UCO’s research work has supported osteopaths’ awareness of… Read more ›

‘One in four people suffering from chronic pain’ BBC survey suggests

A BBC report on the results of an Ipsos survey of over 4000 adults between the age of 16 – 75 suggests that a quarter of people in the UK are living with chronic pain, a complex and often misunderstood condition. Chronic pain, defined as persistent pain that lasts longer than three months, can be caused by a physical problem – such as a slipped disc, but can also occur with no clear cause – known as primary pain. The BBC report suggests that pain specialists are reporting that millions of patients are without appropriate support to help manage their… Read more ›

BMJ publishes new review supporting osteopathic care for management of Low Back Pain

There’s ‘promising evidence’ that osteopathy, the physical manipulation of the body’s tissues and bones, may relieve the pain associated with musculoskeletal conditions, finds a review of the available clinical evidence, published in the open-access journal BMJ Open. The systematic review, which was widely picked up by national media including The Telegraph, reported on the use of osteopathy in a wide range of conditions, including acute and chronic non-specific low back pain, chronic non-specific neck pain, chronic non-cancer pain, primary headache, and IBS. Analysis showed that osteopathy was more effective than other approaches in reducing pain and improving physical function in… Read more ›

Osteopathic Foundation announces award recipients

The Osteopathic Foundation has chosen its three grant recipients  The Osteopathic Foundation (oF) is pleased to announce details of the three successful recipients of research grants that will support the development of osteopathic practice. These grants have been awarded to: £19,863 has been awarded to the University College of Osteopathy (David Hohenschurz Schmidt) for the Osteopathy for Diabetic Neuropathy project/The Neu-Ost trial £20,000 has been awarded to Swansea University (Darren Edwards) for The role of osteopathy in the context of Public Health project: Can osteopathy support mental health outcomes in pain-free individuals? £6,600 has been awarded to Imperial College London… Read more ›

International Osteopathic Healthcare week 18- 24 April

Working from home? Looking after your family? Back in the van or car? Take time to care for your health and move better with osteopathy…. As life gradually moves on from the pandemic and we return to our routines, we still need to consider our health and wellbeing. When our lives get busier, stress, anxiety and fatigue can all influence our health – this often leads to our bodies to ‘complain’. Sometimes these are new aches and pains, occasionally it is a flare-up of old symptoms. There are many basic lifestyle choices we can make to ensure that we can… Read more ›

Calling NHS osteopaths, help promote NHS osteopathy!

Help us to increase the visibility of osteopaths working in the NHS In part, due to the iO’s lobbying activities, a set of osteopathy-specific occupational codes for use with the NHS Electronic Staff Records (ESR) has recently been launched. If you are employed as an osteopath by the NHS, we desperately need your help to ensure that you are coded correctly. The number of opportunities for osteopaths to work in the NHS is increasing daily. Despite this, visibility is still poor. All clinicians working in the NHS are recorded on the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR). However, until now, there… Read more ›


  On behalf of the Institute of Osteopathy, the President Glynis Fox, voices our support for the people of Ukraine: ‘As we see daily the devastating impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to its people and the suffering they are experiencing, we extend our solidarity with them, their demands for peace, and with those healthcare colleagues working so hard to alleviate pain and suffering in the midst of the conflict’ Options to donate, including to the many charities providing humanitarian support can be found at      

Choose Osteopathy as a career

Ahead of National Careers Week, the iO and several education institutions have joined forces to invest in a campaign to encourage people to Choose Osteopathy as a career. Fronting the campaign are osteopaths sharing their experiences. Across the coming weeks, there will be a series of adverts on both Facebook and Instagram targeting those with an interest in studying healthcare. The campaign is also seeking support from iO Members with a call to share the Choose Osteopathy message and social media posts across their networks. Katie Griffiths, the iO’s Head of Marketing and Communications says of the campaign: ‘We all… Read more ›

Greener AHP Hub

Sustainability and the need for society to reduce its carbon footprint are important issues for us all. Here at the iO, we have been engaged at a national level as one of the 14 AHPs looking at sustainability improvements.  Ben Whittaker, Chief Sustainability Officer’s Clinical Fellow at Greener NHS and working with the CAHPO team, tells us about the Greener AHP Hub and puts a personal call out to osteopaths. “In October 2021, the Greener AHP Hub was launched, which highlights potential opportunities for AHPs to engage in or lead on sustainability improvements.  It prioritises the issues and actions with… Read more ›