Move Better


Have you got ‘Lockdown back’ or ‘tech neck’? Let’s get you moving better…


As life moves forward, it’s time to tackle those habits that have led to ‘Lockdown back’ and ‘tech neck’ and get you moving again.


In 2020, many people suddenly stopped their normal work or exercise routines and instead, found themselves sitting for longer in front of screens, whether TVs or laptops. Many of us had no option but to work or study from the couch, dining table, or even our beds, snatching hours to get things done in between childcare or working late as we shared computers.

With gyms, classes and sports restricted, exercise was limited. The stress, anxiety and fatigue didn’t help. Whenever you have a change in lifestyle like this it can influence your health. Inevitably, after a few months, backs, necks, shoulders may have started to ‘complain’. Sometimes this is new, sometimes it has led to a flare-up of old symptoms.


So, let’s break those habits that have led to these issues and get you moving again!


To get you moving better, see Osteopathy for Health for helpful advice and tips on a range of areas such as getting active, healthy ageing, health at work and mental health. We also have dedicated Osteopathy for Health social media accounts on both Facebook and Instagram – follow us today and share the hashtag #osteopathyforhealth to help us grow this conversation.




Move better with osteopathy!

Your osteopath can provide more advice, care and treatment to help you get moving better. Taking a whole-person approach to your health, your osteopath will help you think about the changes that have affected you and what you might do to bring more comfort and ease to your body.




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