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CPD, Learning and Development | Mentoring


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Introduction to mentoring

Mentoring has a great deal of benefits, from developing skills and improving performance to providing a fantastic stepping-stone to helping you become the person you want to be. Both satisfying and rewarding, mentoring can be a tool to boost your career either as a mentor or a mentee and is a legitimate form of CPD. Find out more to support you on your mentoring journey.

Find Your Mentor

Search for your trained mentor by signing up to the iO’s Mentoring Platform.

The platform provides you with access to a host of experienced osteopaths who have undergone extensive mentor training and are ready to share their experience and knowledge with you to support you in the next phase of your career.

Mentoring journeys

Read about the experiences, achievements and benefits of mentoring through the eyes of both the mentors and mentees.


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Mentoring stories

Mentoring toolkit and articles

Read this informative guide to discover the rewarding difference that mentoring can make to you, the osteopathic profession, and the care you provide to your patients. You will also find useful links to…

Guide and tools to Osteopathic Mentoring

In this article, read the stories of four mentees who have used mentors to help navigate their careers and transform their practice.

The Power of Mentoring

A guide to active listening skills for both mentors and mentees

Guide to Active Listening

Template for recording your mentoring sessions, a mentor and mentee agreement with a terms of the mentoring relationship

Mentoring record, agreement and code practice

A template for completing your personal development plans and structure for reflection

PDP and Reflection template

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