Meet the 2020 iO Rising Stars!


Celebrating the best of the new talent from the 2020 graduating year




Julian Banton, British College of Osteopathic Medicine

Julian has been a consistently high performer, both clinically and academically. He has excellent clinical judgement and communication skills; he puts everyone at ease and is able to manage challenging situations with poise and efficiency. His ‘USP’ (Unique Selling Proposition) is his quiet confidence; he is an oasis of calm during a busy clinic session. BCOM is proud to have Julian as our Rising Star and we have no doubt he will be an asset to our profession and to his patients.




Loic Platteau, European School of Osteopathy

Loic has been a diligent student and combined his excellent clinical skills with his osteopathic curiosity to develop into a well-rounded practitioner. He has been a delight to work with and has never wavered in his professionalism, being respectful and polite to all those around him including lecturers, fellow students and patients. We are in no doubt that Loic will have a very fulfilling osteopathic career ahead of him. He is currently based in Europe but hope that one day he may come back to the ESO to pass on his skills to the next generation of osteopaths.



Hannah Vassallo, London School of Osteopathy

Hannah Vassallo has not only been an able and diligent student, but she has also consistently shown a kind and caring nature, and is always supportive of her colleagues. Hannah came to osteopathy on retirement from her previous career as a professional ballet dancer, seeking a second career that would be equally challenging, interesting, and rewarding. Hannah embarked on the part-time course at the LSO, continuing to perform throughout her first and second year, alongside teaching Pilates and adult ballet for the duration of the course.



Sumita Singh, NESCOT

Sumita was an extremely reliable and effective student practitioner and wasn’t afraid to identify and address any areas that she felt less confident in. For example, to improve her understanding of exercise rehabilitation she took up Pilates classes herself despite no experience and perhaps some trepidation of formal exercise. Sumita’s commitment to education went beyond herself and the department and she also gave time to work on college committees set up to widen access to higher education and she has continued this work with the GOsC.



Nicole Stroh, Swansea University

In her time at Swansea, Nicole has shown her passion for osteopathy and away from her studies she has actively helped to promote both the osteopathy programme at Swansea and the profession to the public. Nicole strived to enhance and expand her knowledge during her time at Swansea and she was a well-respected student amongst her peers and the faculty. In clinical practice, Nicole will be remembered for her thoughtful and considered approach to patient care and as someone who embodies professionalism.



Deryn Parker, The College of Osteopaths

Deryn has been a credit to the college. Throughout all of her training, this extremely capable, dependable student consistently performed to a very high standard in all areas of training. She very much attuned to patient care, whilst doing this, she supported and mentored junior colleagues with practical skills. A big concern at the start of the pandemic was the mental and physical wellbeing of not just the students but also the staff. It was Deryn that immediately stepped up and volunteered her time and expertise to run a number of these online supportive sessions.



Sanja Maretic, University College of Osteopathy

Sanja has been an excellent student in every respect, she is approachable and has contributed fully to UCO life. Sanja has already had one article published in Osteopathy Today, writing about her student experiences, and her dissertation has been submitted to IJOM. She is certainly someone that the UCO would look to welcome back as a teacher in the future with her expertise but whether she does so with us or with other institutions and organisations, she is sure to make a difference to all in the osteopathic community, patients and colleagues alike.



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