Meet Fiona Greer!


Fiona is a pediatric and mum’s osteopath at a clinic in Greenwich, former clinic director, former tutor and current examiner for the Osteopathic Centre for Children and member of the iO Council.



Choosing osteopathy 

I was already accepted to do Dentistry and Physio but after taking a year out my Mum had started seeing an osteopath who was really helping her and the more I looked into it liked the approach and decided to change my applications.


Studying osteopathy

The human body is fascinating to study. I was quite excited to be in London and it was a long time ago now (things will have changed) but I remember although it was quite demanding it was always interesting. I had some days which started at 9am in the clinic and finished with a 2-hour pathology lecture at 8pm. Friends on other courses often had longer holidays, we also had to juggle holiday clinic rotations. I ran our student bar in the second year which was good fun and so there was a lot of fun alongside the hard work!


My career path 

I have been in practice for over 20 years graduating in 1997. After graduating I worked in a busy family practice full time gaining a lot of experience with lots of support from the principles of the practice. After three years I set up on my own one day per week at a gym in central London which quickly expanded and moved to work here full time after another two years. I continued to build up the practice and took on an assistant.

I was increasingly being referred children, but felt I was not experienced or specialist enough to treat them. I wanted to be able to treat children safely so I started the postgraduate masters in paediatrics at the Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC)in 2005 finishing in 2007.

I love working with children, I love making a difference that can help them develop to their potential – whatever that is.

So I sold my practice in town to my associate so that I could focus purely on paediatrics in Greenwich closer to where I live.
I got involved with teaching as a tutor at the OCC and then completed the two year post graduate certificate in academic practice to support my role as a teacher in paediatrics. I worked as a tutor at the OCC for 10 years and still work as an examiner for the final clinical examinations. I have also taught at University College of Osteopathy  and in Europe in paediatrics.

I was clinic director of a multidisciplinary complex needs children’s clinic in London for 3 years which involved day to day management of the clinic and staff.  It was a great team with close collaboration between an experienced team of specialist healthcare professionals.  I have since set up a collaborative interdisciplinary CPD organisation which has allowed me to continue to work as part of a team with other healthcare specialists in paediatrics through my own clinic in Greenwich.

I have been a council member for the Institute of Osteopathy since 2018 and am involved in the iO mentoring initiative and promoting osteopathic pediatric practice.


Who I work with  

I work with babies, children and pregnant postpartum mums.

I have worked in the neonatal intensive care units through my training at the OCC and have worked with a lot of complex needs children as part of their multidisciplinary team. I particularly enjoy treating neck pain and headaches as this is something that can really benefit from osteopathy!


The best thing to being an osteopath is

Our hands-on approach to healthcare, we are able to support the whole of the patient. As well as the physical hands on, we are able to educate and support our patients in many aspects of health and lifestyle.


My advice to those wanting to study osteopathy… 

Osteopathy is a very rewarding career. It rewards independent thinkers, but it also takes a time to support your training with experience in practice.

There is great potential for osteopathy, and the nature of our approach means that we have the enormous privilege to make a real difference to the lives of our patients while building up a very close relationship of trust.

We are able to support our patients through their care as part of a multi professional medical team.




Clinic details

Fiona Greer Osteopathy

The Deborah Ubee Trust

20 Egerton Drive

Greenwich, SE10 8JS



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