Meet Daniel Collis!


Daniel is currently working in central London and Cambridge as well as representing recent graduates as a member of the Institute of Osteopathys Policy and Standards Committee.  




Choosing osteopathy

I was motivated to become an osteopath as being able to help people with just your hands and the knowledge in your brain strongly appealed to me, furthermore, I love finding out more about how our bodies work (and how we can help them work better) so osteopathy was a natural choice for me.


Studying osteopathy

Its not like any other course (in mostly good ways)! You get huge amounts of practical experience with a great balance between learning the relevant theoretical knowledge and then applying it in the practical lessons.

I made some incredible friends and came away with a lovely Belgian girlfriend from the course too. You certainly form strong bonds and brilliant friends on the course.


My career path 

After graduating I went straight into work at two private clinics working as an associate (meaning that most of the administrative ‘boring’ work is sorted for you and you can simply turn up and treat patients – job done). Personally, I am quite interested in working with athletes and have already had the chance to work with some high-level dancers and athletes but I may progress my work by looking into further sports-related qualifications that follow on well from osteopathy.



Who I work with

As I work in two different places, the patients I see varies massively, which always keeps me on my toes. In London, we tend to see a lot more young – middle-aged people, particularly those with sporting injuries (although now it’s more working from home injuries!). However, in Thetford it’s often a wider range of ages that we treat from teenagers to 90+ year oldswe get the pleasure of helping all.


The best thing to being an osteopath is

The incredibly flexible nature of the job. Allowing you to work around other commitments as well as being able to work in many other countries too (with UK registration/training holding some weight for jobs in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore to name afew).  Also, the remuneration/pay is often quite competitive and you can often make a decent living from working 4 days a week or so.




My advice to those wanting to study osteopathy… 

Go for it! Its a great and rewarding career and often the best way to find out more is to spend some time observing or talking with local osteopaths (which can sometimes lead to future job possibilities too) or chatting with one of the Osteopathic colleges around the UK.



Clinic details

Total Health Clinics, Cambridge 

Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic

325-327, Old St, Hoxton, London EC1V 9LE 









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