Meet Annie Osborne!


Annie is the owner of Hertfordshire based Osteocure clinic and an associate osteopath at the award-winning Woodside Osteopathic Clinic.




Choosing osteopathy

I have always been interested in the human body and how it works, alongside a passion for helping others and giving back. When I came across osteopathy and everything it stands for, I knew it would be perfect for me, my values and my interests! And I’ve never looked back… 

Studying osteopathy

Osteopathy is very different from your standard’ university degree due to the depth and breadth of modules covered. Studying osteopathy is intense, but you leave feeling fully equipped with all the skills and knowledge needed to help others in the most thorough and effective way. The first two years are based around building your knowledge, hands-on skills and clinical ability and the final two years are all about building on that knowledge and developing your experience in clinical settings so you are ready to enter the profession and be the best osteopath you can be!


My career path 

After graduating, I launched my own private clinic straight away, working hard through my third and fourth year whilst studying year to make this happen, gaining extra clinical experience as a sports massage therapist. 

Who I work with 

I see on average 10-12 patients per day and every day is so different. Working from a clinical setting is great as its so varied and you never know what to expect! One minute it will be a teenager with a scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and the next it will be an elderly patient with knee arthritis. As an osteopath the range of patients we can help is so broad and therefore it is something different every single day.

I particularly enjoy treating neck pain and headaches as this is something that can really benefit from!



The best thing to being an osteopath is

Working for yourself and being your own boss. You can (generally) choose your hours, working day and how you want to live your life. Its definitely not your standard 9-5! Also witnessing people level up and grow in life as you have enabled them to do more, heal from pain and opened so many doors for them!





My advice to those wanting to study osteopathy… 

Go and shadow an osteopath and see what it is really like. Research the profession and absorb as much information as you can. Speak to those who have been on the journey and soak up their knowledge and experiences. It is an amazing profession and a fantastic career.    


Clinic Details 

OsteoCure Hertfordshire

2 Great Braitch Lane



AL10 9FD



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