UK Registered Osteopath


For GOsC registered osteopaths working in the UK or overseas. We offer significant discounts on fees for those in the first five years of their career after from the point of graduation.

Membership benefits


Members Zone Access
Practice Development
Clinical Development
Exclusive access to a wealth of resources, guidance and information to support every aspect of working as an osteopath. A dedicated hub providing vital resources to help you run your practice. Includes resources on staffing, finances and marketing, Sharing research and clinical articles to help you advance your skills and maintain your CPD hours.


Marketing and Promotion
Osteopathy Today Magazine
ConnectiOns Newsletters
Helping you to promote your practice, with marketing assets and tools to download and share. The only dedicated osteopathic magazine in the UK. With articles that range from developments in the profession, business and CPD to long read interviews. Bringing you the latest news and professional updates to keep you informed.

What it costs

Membership is for 12 months and payable by direct debit in either monthly instalments or one annual payment.





Discounts if you are within four years of graduation

We know it takes time to establish your career so to help you as you progress we offer incremental discounts on the full fee for the first four years of your career. Only once you reach your fifth year after graduation you will be charged the full membership fee.

Discounted fees
Annual Monthly 
4th year post-graduation £268.80 £22.40
3rd year post-graduation £239.40 £19.95
2nd  year post-graduation £169.20 £14.10
1st year post-graduation £102.00 £8.50

Discount for working overseas

Discounted fee
Annual  Monthly 
Overseas £213.00 £17.75


So what are you waiting for join us today!

Simply click the link below to complete our easy to follow online form. Upon submission, a member of the team will contact you to progress your application.

Membership criteria:

GOsC status: Fully registered or non-practising, (including those domiciled in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).

Access to:

  1. Pastoral support, advice and guidance of the iO team
  2. Purchase iO insurance products
  3. Members Zone of website and all members resources and advice therein
  4. Osteopathy Today magazine
  5. Connections e-newsletter

GOsC status: Overseas.

Access to:

  1. Members Zone of website and all members resources and advice therein
  2. Osteopathy Today magazine
  3. Connections e-newsletter

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