We know from listening to osteopaths that have been the most successful in promoting their practice, that getting engaged with your community, providing talks, sessions on health advice, or even CPD for other health professionals, has proved really successful.

We have now updated our series of ‘template’ presentations with the latest information available, and guidance on key points that you may want to share during your talk.  Each presentation, provides a set of starter slides on which you can add additional information relevant to who you are talking to and your own practice.

About osteopathy – Presentation for the public and local community groups

Getting out into your community and talking about the benefits of osteopathic treatment is a great way to raise the profile of both your practice and the role that you can play in supporting the health of local residents.

A career in osteopathy – career talk

Providing talks to local schools and colleges is a great way to engage in your community and inspire a career in osteopathy.

Approaching GPs and other healthcare professionals

A presentation which you can tailor to your own practice to provide key information that GPs will want to know about osteopathic practice. We also have additional advice on talking to GP’s and other healthcare professionals available.

Exercise for people living with arthritis

Use this presentation to groups that want to keep healthy as they get older and for those living with the symptoms of arthritis.

Osteopathy and reducing absenteeism

How to approach companies about the provision of the osteopathic services and how to communicate the benefits that osteopathy can provide for patients with musculoskeletal issues in the workplace.

Best Practice For Public Speaking

This page provides additional advice and guidance to build skills in public speaking

Interested in giving a talk? Join our network
The team here at the iO is only small, but we think there are lots of opportunities available around the country, and likely in your area, in which we may be able to help you connect and gain you an invitation to talk.  We are looking to build a network of osteopaths that we can approach when opportunities like these arise.  If you’d like to join our network, let us know by contacting

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