Osteopathic Healthcare Week, 14 – 20 April

Are you taking part?

Osteopathic Healthcare week is an opportunity to promote the value of osteopathic practice in supporting the health of the people of the communities in which osteopaths work. This year the iO will be running a week of social media activity to educate the public about osteopaths and the value of osteopathic care.

Did you know…?

Our social media campaign entitled #DIDYOUKNOW, will be answering simple questions to educate the public about osteopaths and the level of care and expertise they can provide.

We will also be sharing snippets of research provided within the Quality in Osteopath Practice report that shows the value of osteopathic care.

During the week we will be helping you to get involved by posting a variety of positive and informative messages for the public, focusing on three main areas:

  • About osteopathy: We will provide information on how osteopaths work to support the health of their patients. These will be small informative posts to educate the public to consider consulting a local osteopath for advice and treatment.
  • Quality of osteopathic practice: Sharing research statistics relating to the views of patients on their care and experience of osteopathic practice.
  • How to keep healthy:  Highlighting general health advice and guidance we will share lots of health tips from eating, ageing, getting active, and taking time to focus on our wellbeing.

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Follow the iO and Osteopathy for Health pages on social media and share our #didyouknow daily posts throughout Osteopathic Healthcare week. Like, re-post and share with all your networks!

Osteopathy for Health Facebook page

How else you can get involved:

  • Create your own messages and use the hashtag #didyouknow
  • Use our ‘Osteopathy for Health web resource to advise and create awareness of osteopathy for health and its benefits. Visit https://www.iosteopathy.org/osteopathy-for-health for more information.
  • Place the A3 ‘did you know poster’ in your clinic. There are three available for download click here


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