iO Professional Liability Insurance


Bespoke and designed specifically to meet the needs of osteopaths


Professional liability insurance protects an osteopath (who would be personally liable for damages, legal fees and other related costs) in the event of patient’s claim for compensation following an error or omission in providing advice or treatment, on the part of the osteopath. It also ensures that patients have a route to compensation if they are entitled.

Ours is a bespoke policy, designed specifically to meet with the needs of registered osteopaths: the cover complies with the statutory requirements imposed by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) (Professional Indemnity Insurance) Rules Order of Council 1998 and offers additional benefits to support the unique insurance needs of osteopaths. It aims to make sure you are covered for an unexpected scenario, is clear and straightforward in its policy wording and gives you peace of mind so that you can run your practice to its full potential.

The iO package, tailored to osteopaths, has additional extensions that are useful and go beyond the statutory requirements, find out more below.


NB: Purchase of iO insurance requires membership of the iO. Please note that you are committing to an annual policy, and the full annual premium is payable whether up front or by instalments. In the event of cancellation, insurers are entitled to the balance of the premium except in exceptional circumstances, such as maternity leave, where at their discretion insurers may offer partial refunds.


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UK osteopaths (£10 million cover): £306 per annum or £25.50 per month by direct debit.

First year graduates (£5million cover): £183 per annum or £15.25  per month by direct debit. 

Please note:
• There are no interest or administration charges added to monthly or other payments by instalment
• Payments can also be made in full by credit/debit card or by direct debit (annual or monthly); the amount will depend on the month cover starts

For help or further information, contact the iO office on 01582 488455


Key elements of iO Professional Liability Insurance


Medical malpractice

Covers legal costs and damages arising from neglect, error or omission in providing advice and treatment as an osteopath (and any other additional/adjuvant therapy insurers have agreed to include). In essence, injury or financial loss suffered by the patient as a result of the treatment and advice. Standard extensions include Good Samaritan acts and teaching on behalf of an established college or school.


Public liability

Medical malpractice covers error and omissions leading to injury or financial loss. However, accidents (say tripping in the clinic or damage to property – stained clothing because of spillage of a substance on the treatment couch) is not something that is included in the medical malpractice policy. So we have an additional cover to include such events.

You may think that such incidents are covered by surgery contents and buildings insurance but the iO policy could fill the gaps that may apply to the premises policy. Often premises risks are limited to the risk address and most osteopaths need a portable policy that will cover them anywhere in the UK, so view the iO cover as applying to the osteopath whereas the contents and building cover relates to your premises and your business.


Products liability

If you supply or sell a product in connection with your profession, you may be liable if the product causes injury or damage. This element of our policy protects the osteopath from having to personally meet the legal costs of defending an action and any subsequent damages awarded as a result of the sale or supply of such products.


Loss of reputation

Even when a claim or complaint is successfully defended the practice may suffer a loss of business due to reputational damage and it can be a difficult battle to reestablish the trust of the community. The iO policy covers costs and fees, up to a limit of £25,000, reasonably incurred in respect of services provided by a Public Relations Consultancy to help rebuild the practice’s reputation, as long as the complaint or claim that led to the issue was successfully defended.


Libel and slander

Non-malicious libel and slander is a risk that all health practitioners are potentially exposed to, given the sensitive nature of the information on which reports are prepared. The policy extends to cover your legal liability if you are accused of libel or slander – indemnity is provided for damages awarded against you and for your legal defense costs and any third party costs awarded against you. The limit is shown on your insurance documents.


Jury service

In the event of the policyholder being required by Law to attend jury service the company will provide compensation to the policyholder at the following level – £250 per day of jury service subject to a maximum of £2,000 per policyholder during any period of Insurance.

This is payable for a maximum of ten days only and will not be payable for the first two days.


Legal defence costs

Legal defence costs for any claims under the Medical Malpractice, Public Liability and Products Liability section are in addition to the limit of indemnity and are unlimited.


Compensation for attendance at disciplinary hearings

In the event of the policyholder attending disciplinary hearings at the request of GoSC, the company will provide compensation to the policyholder at £200 per day subject to a maximum of £1,000 during any period of insurance.

This is payable for a maximum of five days only and will not be payable for the first two days of the hearing and payment will only be made under this extension if you are found not guilty of any allegations made against you.


Corporate contingent liability (an optional extension that needs to be agreed by request)

If an osteopath owns a practice where other practitioners work under their corporate identity, they may attract additional risk, than that of a sole practitioner. The policy can be extended and tailored to each iO member’s specific needs. If all practitioners in the practice are covered by the iO policy – there will be no additional cost for extending the policy.


Legal Advice Helpline

A free advice helpline is available for those with an iO insurance policy.


Other Key Features

  • To help new graduates who are building up their patient lists, they may apply for a lower (yet compliant) limit of indemnity at a reduced cost
  • Cover for working overseas on a temporary basis
  • Cover for working in the EC on a permanent basis
  • The full weight of iO and its buying power to negotiate on your behalf
  • An excellent and proven complaints and claims management process which involves medico-legal experts employed by iO and legal advisors that are specialist in the sector you work in
  • An ongoing review to ensure that cover meets the needs of the way the profession works and the direction it is heading
  • The small profit that the iO makes from each policy sold, is reinvested in services for members and developing and promoting the osteopathic profession.

Cover may also be extended or additional policies are available for:

  • Entity/Business Liability (mutli-therapy and multi-therapist clinics)
  • Cyber interruption, data liabilities and related issues


Exclusions apply. All policies are subject to terms and conditions. The Institute of Osteopathy (iO) is an appointed representative of James Hallam Ltd for insurance mediation activities. James Hallam Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)


Please note: Participation in the iO Group Insurance Scheme is an optional membership benefit. You are required to keep up-to-date with your iO membership and registration with GOsC for your insurance to remain valid.


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