Liberating the potential of osteopathy – Ben Katz

Institute-of-Osteopathy-Ben-KatzIt has now been more than half a year since I took over from Robin Lansman as iO President. We have achieved much in that time, building the beginnings of a consensus on how to ensure a thriving future for UK osteopathy. At our cross-professional strategy workshop in January, and in the development of the iO’s new five year plan, we have put in motion our plan to liberate the potential of osteopathy for the nation’s health. I’m excited to see how our plans will unfold as we begin to explore how to deliver on that promise.

The groundwork that Robin and Maurice laid in building the iO’s resources and developing its governance structures has put us in a strong position to move forward with a range of ambitious projects, each designed to empower osteopaths and raise the profile of the profession. We are working closer than ever with the other osteopathic institutions to advance our shared ambitions.

However, recent events, such as the profession’s response to the Osteopathic Development Group’s consultation on accrediting osteopaths who work with children, have underlined the importance of involving the wider profession in these kinds of programmes from the outset. The ODG has not yet decided how best to move forward, but I want to take this opportunity to address some of the concerns raised in the consultation.

The iO and its ODG partners have no interest in telling osteopaths who they can treat or how they should go about it. Our aim is simply to support the profession by developing structures, tools and resources that help osteopaths to realise their goals – whatever those may be. Not everything that we do will be relevant to every osteopath, and we might not always get it right first time. But we are determined to deliver what osteopaths really need and want. This is the whole point of consultation.

This is also why, starting with our Convention in October, the iO will be touring the country to talk to osteopaths about our new five-year plan and asking how we can ensure that the projects we are embarking on work for you.

The iO is here to make life better for osteopaths. Come and talk to us about what we can achieve together!

Ben Katz, iO President

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