iO Roadshow: The next 25 years

Let’s build a growing and thriving profession, accessible and recognised by all

At the 2018 iO Convention, we began to share our ambitions for osteopathy: universal recognition and access to a growing and thriving profession.  We are inviting you to join us at one of a series of events at where you can share your views on these ambitions and be part of shaping the future of your profession. At each event, we will share our five-year strategy, consider the challenges that need to be addressed, and the opportunities that are opening up to us as an Allied Health Profession.

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Cost: iO Members £15, Non iO members £30. Attendance is eligible for CPD hours.

Event Schedule

Sharing our strategy
At each event, we will share our ambitions for the profession and our five year strategy. The session will allow for discussion and group debates with your osteopathic colleagues and our iO team. We will be asking what your current priorities are for your practice? What are the challenges facing you in your region? And what are the opportunities that we should be taking advantage of?

Promotion of the profession
Promotion can take many forms, and across many different groups, whether engaging with other healthcare professionals or education of the public.
We will discuss promotion of the profession in its many guises, what the iO has been doing to raise the profile of osteopathy and the help that is now available to you to promote your own practice, as well as the profession.

The new CPD scheme
The GOsC will provide an overview of the CPD scheme and an introduction to the peer discussion process. The GOsC session will include aspects such as how to choose a peer who is right for you, how to share CPD and practice with a colleague, and what exactly is an objective activity.


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