iO Awards 2022


We’re back for 2022!

At the iO, we pledge to always celebrate the strengths, commitment and dedication of osteopaths to patient care, collaboration and innovation. The awards are an opportunity to recognise osteopaths who represent innovation, ambition and excellence of care across the United Kingdom.

“Year on year, our Awards have grown in reputation, with each award showcasing to both colleagues and patients, the outstanding work that osteopaths do.

I would encourage individual osteopaths, practices, community groups and those with non-clinical roles, such as those leading the profession in education and research, to consider putting forward their nominations.”

Maurice Cheng, CEO


We want to celebrate…

Across the different award categories, the judges will be looking at one or more of the following as relevant:

Quality patient care
Demonstrating quality in patient care in line with the iO Members’ Patient Charter, and is committed to improving the value of and access to osteopathic care.

Demonstrating collaboration or community initiatives that provide increased professional support for the delivery of exceptional patient care. This can include collaboration with other osteopaths, other healthcare practitioners, and business or community groups.

In areas indicated by the themes identified for development to achieve the iO’s vision for a growing and thriving profession, recognised and accessible to all. Examples may include developing a thriving business model or career pathway, or affordable or increased access to osteopathic care.

For the clinic or osteopath(s) whose activities are actively gaining recognition for and promoting the role of osteopathic care in improving health.

Research and reporting
Demonstrating best practice in developing evidence-informed osteopathic practice or clinical outcome reporting to support informed clinical practice.


Practice of the Year Winner 2021 

Osteopathy For All

Owned by Pippa Cossens  

Watch Pippa’s video to hear what it is like to enter and be an award winner!

This year’s categories are…


Celebrating osteopathic practices that provide excellent care, encourage and use patient feedback and demonstrate a commitment to developing the standards of their service in line with the iO Members’ Patient Charter and values.

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Get your patients to vote for your practice

To support your nomination for Practice of the Year, get your patients to vote for your practice!

Clinic poster

We have provided you with a poster which shows a QR code, download the file, and print it out to use in your clinic. For your patients it’s a very easy and quick process, all they have to do is scan the QR code with their mobile device. The QR code will take them to a form, they will be asked to answer some simple questions to submit their vote*.

Social media image

We have included a social media image that you can use to promote this on your channels. The link to the voting form is included when you download the file.

QR code

This had been included should you wish to create your own assets for the promotion.

*Terms and conditions apply.




For those in the early years of their career who represent the highest standards of care, contributing to the success of their practice and showing a dedication to their own professional development.


Recognising innovation in any activity from delivery of patient care and increased access to osteopathy, to developing new business models or career pathways. You could be an ambassador, raising awareness and recognition of the profession, or leading the way in developing evidence-informed practice.




For the clinic or osteopath(s) demonstrating collaboration with others. This could include collaboration with other osteopaths, other healthcare practitioners, and business or community groups to support the delivery of exceptional patient care.

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Nominated by their colleges, this award recognises those at the very start of their careers who have shown a commitment to their study of osteopathy and an aspiring commitment to continue the development of the profession.


Decided by the iO Council, this prestigious award is awarded to those who have made a career-long contribution to the osteopathic profession to achieve the vision of a growing and thriving profession, recognised and accessible to all.



How to make a nomination

Simply click the nominate button which will take you to the digital application form. We recommend you review the form to familiarise yourself with the questions and draft your answers in a word document first and then copy and paste them into the relevant text fields.

Your submitted nominations will be put forward to our judging panel for review and we will be advising the shortlisted nominees as advised below.

Closing date for entries – Midnight, 4 September 2022

Shortlisted nominations announced – 24 September

Winners will be announced at the Digital Awards Ceremony – 25 November


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