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Clinical Development

These services are exclusively available to iO members. To join call 01582 488455 or email


CPD Articles
A library of useful and practical CPD articles do build your knowledge and apply to your practice. Each comes with its own quiz to test your knowledge, and links and references to further resources.
Advice on how to plan your learning, with resources to help you undertake a SWOB analysis, create a personal development plan and reflective record
Osteopathic Job Opportunities
Looking to find a new role or have an opportunity for available for another? Click here for opportunities or to advertise


Volunteering, Internships and Public Appointment opportunities
Volunteering can be an excellent route to help enhance your skills and develop your career - here is a list of organisations with potential opportunities
The iO has teamed up with the National Osteoporosis Society to encourage members to spread the word amongst patients and the public about prevention, detection and treatment of this condition. Osteopaths are in a prime position to screen patients for this silent condition, offering management advice and support.