Reena Joshi


Since graduating from BCOM in 2001, osteopathy has been at the centre of my life, for me it is not just a tool to be used to help people out of pain, it is who I am, it’s in my blood and I believe whole heartedly that our profession needs passionate, enthusiastic leaders and role models who pave the way for others and encourage younger generations to become the osteopaths of the future, to improve the health and well-being of the population as a whole.

Before establishing my own practice, I gained a broad understanding of osteopathic practice by working as an Associate, and osteopath and Principal osteopath across multiple clinics over a period of six years where I developed many skills not just in osteopathic technique but in other treatment modalities that sparked my interest, such as Dry needling, Kinesiotaping, Ultrasound therapy, Electrotherapy, Neurolinguistic programming, as well as cranial courses. What my Certificate in Education and teaching (which I did at the same time) taught me, was how to manage my time, work alongside other professionals in a team environment and how to develop and mentor student osteopaths through their degree, which I absolutely loved.

Before buying a commercial property, I worked from a treatment room in my home. I raised awareness of the benefits of osteopathy in the local community through workshops, events, printed material, on-line, social media and, as my reputation grew, through word of mouth as well.

The thirteen years that I spent lecturing at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine and the time at the Italian School of Osteopathy had shown me that not only did I enjoy sharing knowledge, I also had an aptitude for developing others and helping them realise their potential which I put to good use in building RJ Clinic to a clinic with 12 therapists and three administration staff.

I employed staff, associates, and practitioners to work with me to deliver excellent patient outcomes, implementing processes, systems, financial controls and learning business practice as we g rew. I learned the value of negotiation and diplomacy in achieving good business outcomes. I trained, coached, and mentored to ensure that my associates and staff continued to develop, personally and professionally.

Our strategy for continued growth has been to centralise business services such as marketing, administration, accounting, payroll, technology, HR and legal across multiple clinics, which made us more resilient when we had to meet the challenge of the pandemic.

My current role is Clinical Director of Osteo Allies, a joint venture which builds on the service centralisation strategy to run clinics in Hertfordshire, London and Surrey and actively supports our associates to build businesses of their own through training and development.

I work together with our board to develop our strategy and business plan, to manage the business through a formal board process and to make sure that the activities of the business are aligned with our mission and values.

I know that if we work together with other osteopaths, freely sharing collective wisdom and experience with the widest possible community of osteopaths, it will benefit osteopathy as a whole, both directly, by improving the skills of individuals and indirectly by promoting a positive view of our profession and its health benefits.

To this end, I have been fundamental to setting up the Osteo Allies Community, which is a safe space for osteopaths to collaborate with one another and access resources, support and guidance in a non-judgemental, all-inclusive environment. Working with experts in their fields, osteopaths support osteopaths, sharing the invaluable tips that have helped them in business and in clinic for the direct benefit of the whole community.

I have much to contribute to the profession and I believe that being a member of the iO Council will enable me to use my leadership, business and professional skills and experience to contribute to shaping policy and developing strategies that support the iO in its mission.

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