Daniel Collis

“Daniel has consistently demonstrated professionalism, drive and a passion for the profession. In my opinion, he is a graduate the ESO is proud to have worked with. I have every confidence he would prove an asset to the IO council” – Ian Fraser, Principal ESO.

I am a recent ESO graduate with an ambitious aim of joining the Institute of Osteopathy council. In short, I wish for your vote so that I can work tirelessly to ensure the IO is doing its utmost to advance osteopaths interests, primarily improving the awareness and reputation of osteopaths amongst the public and medical profession.

Below I have outlined the relevant experience that I believe would make me an exemplary council member. This includes my experience in running a tremendously successful Student Union (SU) at the ESO from 2018-2019, military leadership training in the Army Reserve and my personal motivations.

Student Union Co-President 2018-2019

I volunteered to co-chair the SU because I wanted to introduce new ideas, organise new events and unite our year to improve the various facets of the SU. Fundraising, organising events and managing the balance sheet were my roles within the SU. Through our work and innovative ideas, we increased the amount fundraised by 60% on the previous year. We achieved this by implementing targeted social media advertising and effective teamwork. In my role, I frequently liaised with the ESO executive team and international department to organise and spearhead numerous events that were influential in strengthening the ESO’s international relations. By taking the initiative to organise student welcomings and parties for visiting international school groups, I was able to further develop my ambassadorial role.

One of my proudest accomplishments within the SU was initiating and facilitating the first-ever sponsorship by the IO of the intercollegiate osteopathic sports day which over 275 students attended. This required persistence and persuasion on my part to convince the IO of the benefits of sponsorship whilst also balancing the inputs of other sponsors such as OSCA. Consequently, this event increased the IO’s exposure to students whilst simultaneously improving the ties between the ESO and the IO. The key competencies of fundraising, leadership and dynamism that I developed during this time could prove valuable to the council. 

1 st class masters degree and ‘Best in Research Prize’ 

The broad exposure of the ESO curriculum has given me great insight and appreciation into the various strands within osteopathy. Throughout the course, I fully immersed myself in all realms of Osteopathy, and now utilise a range of osteopathic principles, valuing the classical osteopathic approach as well as incorporating modern evidence-based ideas. I particularly enjoyed completing my dissertation project which amongst many things was primarily an experiment assessing the feasibility of increasing adherence to rehabilitation exercises, a subject which I am passionate about. Which is now in the process of being edited for publication after winning the best Research prize at the ESO. Additionally, I learnt the importance of research and witnessed the eagerness of patients to get involved with studies – a valuable experience that I share with colleagues as I encourage them to get involved in various PROM studies put forward by NCOR. With the aim of building an improved evidence base for our practice.

Through researching countless articles, cross-checking and providing feedback for my colleagues’ dissertations I have developed a keen attention to detail which I would apply diligently to all committee papers. As such, I’ll be a valuable team member on the council for advancing the IO’s policies by providing an alternative perspective from the more junior osteopaths in the profession, to ensure everyone’s views are heard, therefore enhancing and improving cohesion.

I recently built upon my financial knowledge by undertaking a Securities and Investment exam which covered a broad range of topics enabling me to lend an informed, critical eye when reviewing the IO’s business plans.

Army reserve training, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) leadership modules completed.

Throughout my 4 years in the army reserve in the University London Officers Training Corps I completed modules of the prestigious RMAS course designed to create leaders who can apply innovative, rational thinking to problems and communicate extremely effectively at all levels. We were often assessed on our ability to lead and make effective decisions under various stressors. This gave me the skills required to organise fundraising events with a military-like efficiency but more importantly, it gave me the experience to deal with unforeseen issues with a calm rational process which has proved invaluable.

Additionally, I was chosen to attend the arduous Physical Training Instructor course which led to my involvement in the planning, development and implementation of fitness policies and targets at unit-wide level. This then led me to work for a corporate fitness company ‘Be Military Fit’ within which I have been influential in our groups’ social media advertising campaign and improved both new membership rates and client retention.

Closing statement

I have a deep-rooted aversion to osteopaths referring to each other as ‘competition’ in contrast I have a conviction and passion for uniting osteopaths and working together to increase the reputation and awareness of osteopathy. As such, I would utilise the council ship position to tirelessly promote this message at every opportunity, whether it be representing the IO at the convention or meeting with other healthcare professionals; it is my desire to be at the forefront of this movement. Moreover, I wish to ensure my age group of Osteopaths is represented well to ensure we have a say in the future of our profession, whilst also adding to the age diversity of the council.

I firmly believe a united profession sending a clear concise message, is the optimal way forward. However, this should be facilitated by the IO, and this is why I wish to join the council to represent osteopaths’ interests and to hold the executive board to account to ensure the progression of osteopathy. Consequently, I would commit myself to this role with the enthusiasm and diligence it deserves.


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