Meet Jo Day!


Jo graduated from the London School of Osteopathy in 2011. She is the clinic owner of Herts Osteopathy.



Choosing osteopathy

I had been working in fitness, pilates and functional training for many years and felt that I just couldn’t quite help as much as I wanted to. I felt like I needed more tools to my belt. I was also seeing an osteopath at that time and decided there and then that this is what I wanted to do!


Studying osteopathy

I absolutely loved it. The anatomy and physiology was my favourite thing in the world. The benefit of being at the LSO is that we got hands-on clinical experience even in our first year. It really helped to feel confident working with people’s bodies from the onset. It is a tough, long five years. There was a big blip in year three where you feel like you’ve been studying forever but still only half way through, but the support of fellow students, and the clinic and learning as a whole just carries you through.


My career path

I set up my own clinic, Herts Osteopathy, as soon as I qualified. I was lucky as I already had built up a large client base in St.Albans from personal training, and teaching pilates, spinning and fitness classes all over. Pilates and osteopathy go so well together, that I found a lot of the clients I was working with in pilates also wanted to see me for osteopathy. We started building a lovely reputation.


Then when I got pregnant with my second I decided it was time to bring in some associates so I didn’t have to come back to work quite so early after giving birth (6 weeks after my first was born!!). One of these associates is still with me today and she’s been completely wonderful the whole way through. Since this time we have continued to build, and we are now known for our pregnancy and postnatal care. Mums are very good as spreading the word!


I specialise in helping mums with PGP get out of pain for their birth, and then working with them postnatally for optimum healing in terms of osteopathy and pilates. So it has built very organically, through word of mouth mostly. Now we have myself, and five associates and a pilates teacher here, and have a three room clinic which I love!


Who I work with

As a practice we see a huge variety of patients. We have two cranial osteopaths, and we have osteopaths that prefer working with sports injuries. I work with women mostly through pre conception, pregnancy, postnatal and beyond. I love seeing them through their journey, and just love getting the “baby has arrived” emails with pictures from my patients!


The best thing to being an osteopath is

Everything!! When a patient walks in saying I have changed their life. Getting to chat to women all day every day about their lives, entrusting me with their bodies to get them better.


The hardest thing to being an osteopath is…  

Never switching off. I literally think this is the only thing!


My advice to those wanting to study osteopathy…

Do it, it’s awesome. Worth every minute.


When I am not practising…

I love the gym, it’s my happy place. I’m a real family girl, home is my favourite place, nothing better than a Sunday afternoon with hubby and my daughters just chilling out.


Clinic Details

16-18 Chequer Street
St. Albans



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