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Let’s be proud of 150 years of osteopathy!

2024 marks an incredible 150 years of osteopathy. We are proud of all that the profession has achieved since its inception and we therefore want to kick-off our celebrations by calling on all osteopaths to share why you are proud to be an osteopath!


Osteopathic services are more in demand than ever, patient advocacy is at an all time high and the profession is gaining the growing recognition and appreciation that it so deserves. It is the passion for patient care and ongoing commitment to support and enhance the health of patients that continues to see the profession go from strength to strength. 


How will we be celebrating? 


We will be making the most of this anniversary celebration by spreading the ‘150 Years & Proud’ message throughout the year across all of our marketing communications. You will see us sharing it in our newsletters, on our social channels and also in-person across the country at the iO Roadshows and our 2024 Awards.  

150yrs emblem


“Reflecting on the first 150 years of osteopathy is an opportunity which we should treasure.”


Glynis Fox, iO President


Be proud!


You have access to this unique emblem so please use it everywhere you can. We want to hear from all osteopaths and find out what makes you proud to be part of this unique profession. Share an idea, make a video, create a podcast or social media post and be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #proudosteopath so that we can see what you are doing to celebrate and help spread the word far and wide! We want to see the whole profession come together, stand proud and celebrate all that it means to be an osteopath!  


You can now download the new celebratory emblem and full campaign toolkit in the iO Members Marketing Hub


We can’t wait to see your messages of pride! 


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