Talking to osteopaths

Read about the work of osteopaths and gain insight into how osteopathic practice in supporting the health of people across the nation.

Fiona Greer talks about osteopathy in an interdisciplinary paediatric clinic

iO Council Member Fiona Greer shares with us her insights into and the challenges she faced, whilst being the Clinic Director of an interdisciplinary paediatric clinic.

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Gemma Fisher give us an insight into osteopathy in Formula One

Gemma Fisher, the iO’s Principal of the Year 2018 holds a unique position in the challenging and fast paced world of Formula One racing. We talk to her about her contribution to the health of drivers and pit crew of F1.

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Carl Todd speaks to us about working in the glamorous world of elite football

Carl Todd is the Consultant Osteopath for Chelsea Football Club, as well as the The Football Association, working with England men’s senior team. Read all about Carl’s experiences over the last ten years working with these sporting professionals.

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Jason Bianchi talks to us about working in a highly competitive sports environment

Jason Bianchi is an osteopath and talks to us about how he gives, and gets, that ‘good feeling’ from osteopathic practice for a national karate team.

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Karolin Krell tells us all about working with the performing arts

Karolin Krell tells us all about working with the performing arts Karolin Krell is an award winning osteopath for the performing arts, Karolin talks to us about how she got involved with the performing arts and the work she has been undertaking.

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Michael Andreou tells us how an osteopath is supporting Fire & Rescue

Michael Andreou, an osteopath who has been working with Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service, getting firefighters fit for duty. Michael tells us he got involved and what he has been doing since he started with the service.

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Ben Wilkins has taken osteopathy to the water

Osteopath Ben Wilkins teamed up with fellow osteopaths to create Fluid Motion. Read all about how in water exercises have given patients a boost to their abilities.

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